July 9, 2011

THROWBACK SATURDAYS: Five Smooth Stones – I Will Never Love Another


Consider this review a work in progress, for information is scant on “I Will Never Love Another”, the only Motown A-side from FIVE SMOOTH STONES, released in 1969. I think they were a Philly gospel group – I wouldn’t be surprised if this had been written several years before – it recalls a more innocent time, before the irreparable political realities of The Sixties had done their damage. So many of the lost singles could be inserted into the OBG master Rolodex without radio listeners blinking twice. In the ministry, The Five Smooth Stones are faith, obedience, service, prayer, and the holy ghost! The B-side, Love Unto Me, is more standard pop despite the title’s more spiritual syntax. Contributed by Christopher Gedos

Five Smooth Stones – I Will Never Love Another

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