July 16, 2010

Laura Veirs – Summer is the Champion / Bombay Bicycle Club – Lamplight / J. Cole – Premeditated Murder


“summer is the champion”, by pacific nw’er laura veirs, comes from a record called “july flame”. its hot as fuck up here right now. it’s july. coincidence? but for real, this is a great pop song, horn riffs + percussive melody = win. get into it.

[Download] Laura Veirs – Summer is the Champion

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“I’m not gonna pick up Bombay Bicycle’s record ’cause of the stupid fuckin’ name they’ve got.” –LG

[Download] Bombay Bicycle Club – Lamplight

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cole also on production. “premediated murder” is straight up sick. check it.

[Download] J. Cole – Premeditated Murder

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