November 10, 2010

Beady Eye – Bring The Light


“Bring The Light” is the new and first offering from Liam Gallagher‘s post-Oasis group, Beady Eye. With a full-length Steve Lillywhite produced debut expected to drop in early 2011, this band of former Oasis members Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and touring drummer Chris Sharrock [plus unofficials: Jay Darlington (keys man) and Jeff Wootton (bass man)] is no doubt looking to hit the ground running in the New Year.

I once read a quote along the lines of “Oasis is like religion, you either believe in it or you don’t”. Over time and after many conversations with music fans I’ve learned this happens to be a very true statement. (Whats the Story) Morning Glory was a first album of mine, a collection of songs with such a sound… and Alan White’s drumming was such an ideal complement… it’s needless to say not many albums since have measured up. While Oasis and non-Oasis fans alike may claim that Liam isn’t much of a singer anymore, let alone a songwriter, this album should put such concerns to rest one way or another. In our books, Liam Gallagher ranks one of the best frontmen of all time and we can only hope that he’s got a spark of that brilliant rock-naivety that brother Noel Gallagher seemed to have lost sight of, or interest in, post Be Here Now.

Oasis LPs, Definitely Maybe, Don’t Believe The Truth, Be Here Now all were in heavy rotation here at B3SCI throughout the night until 2:00 am (LA time) as we anticipated the official (UK 10:00 am) release, reminding me of past days waiting at Tower Records for midnight album releases. The track doesn’t disappoint. It’s classic oldskool Rock and Roll with the type of attitude any Oasis fan of the band’s last four albums will appreciate. If you’re one of those expecting “Supersonic” or “Columbia”, then don’t even press play. And one thing is for sure, it’s definitely not the song from the 22 second clip that the band leaked earlier in the week! The release is now available for free download on the band’s website and as a limited 7-inch press that also features a b-side of the groups take on World Of Twist’s “Sons Of The Stage”. Also worth mentioning for all the Shoegaze fans in the house, the former Ride guitarist Andy Bell has turned in his Oasis bass for a guitar in Beady Eye, and along with Gem Archer will be contributing some new songs to the forthcoming album.

In other news, Noel Gallagher, former “Chief” guitarist and Oasis songwriter is expected to drop his solo project sometime next year. Alan McGee (founder of Creation Records) recently mentioned during an interview with BBC Six music that he’s heard some of Noel’s new material, “Noel’s demos are absolutely amazing. Totally amazing. The reason that guy is quiet is he knows what he’s got up his sleeve.” We can’t wait.

Beady Eye – Bring The Light (FREE download)

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