December 26, 2010

Beady Eye – Four Letter Word


Here’s our second glimpse of what’s to come on Beady Eye’s forthcoming Different Gear, Still Speeding debut which drops February 28 on the bands own label, Beady Eye Records Ltd. “Four Letter Word” sounds much more Oasis than it’s predecessor, “Bring The Light”, and minus a fab melody and apocalyptic themed guitar riff, the song’s lyrics are really what Liam’ify this track to the next level. The frontman himself has been quoted, “The tunes are as good as ‘Definitely Maybe’, if not better,” and while we dig the Beady Eye sound, and think Lillywhite has done them some justice, thus far we’re skeptical.

“Four Letter Word” comes in tow with a slick new psych-rock Julian House and Julian Gibbs directed music video that originally debuted on the NME. The track is available in a limited, heavy-weight, numbered 7″ which features the b-side, “World Outside My Room”. Score yours on the Beady Eye website here.

Excpected Different Gear, Still Speeding tracklisting:
Four Letter Word
The Roller
Beatles And Stones
Wind Up Dream
Bring The Light
For Anyone
Kill For A Dream
Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
Three Ring Circus
The Beat Goes On
The Morning Son

Beady Eye – Four Letter Word

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Rating: 8

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